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Spring Cleaning – Scuba Style

Be Ready For Dive Season

The Spring/Summer diving season is coming up soon and divers everywhere should be prepared for a call from your diving buddy to go on a dive, or to have everything ready for that tropical trip you’ve been planning.  In either case, you might consider participating in a Scuba Refresher at your local dive shop, its never a bad idea to brush up on your skills if they haven’t been used in some time.  Its also the perfect time to take your BCD, tanks and regs into your local LDS for an annual service.

You Don’t Remember Everything

SCUBA RefresherWhy bother with a dive refresher course?   If you remember everything from your open water class you might not need to take a refresher, but if you haven’t been diving for some time, ask yourself if you remember how to use the dive tables, or what is the safe ascent rate?  Are you comfortable that you remembered how to perform all the skills you learned to keep you and your buddy safe?  If your dive computer dies on your trip of a lifetime, do you remember how to calculate your residual nitrogen levels and allow for adequate surface intervals?  Do you remember how to calculate your proper weighting?   There is a whole bunch more that you learned in your open water class that you might have forgot.  Taking a refresher course to review skills might make your diving experience much more enjoyable when you do dive again.   Most, if not all, dive shops offer refresher courses with prices ranging from $50 to $150.   Most classes discuss dive theory and you will also do in-water skill practice.

Clean Gear Is Happy Gear

Scuba BoatNow that you had your scuba skills tuned-up, it’s time for your gear to be serviced.   You should make it a habit to have your dive equipment serviced annually, and, it is especially important to have your gear serviced if you haven’t used it for a few years.  The reason?  When you are underwater, you want your gear to be in good working order, especially your regulators.  When you bring your gear in for service, the dive shop will most likely check your hoses for wear and tear, make sure your computer batteries are okay, lube and check o-rings  and they will make sure your BCD is in working order.  Make sure the dive shop services the brand of gear you use.  If they don’t, make sure they will send it to someone that does service your brand(s).  The annual service is a small price to pay to make sure your gear is in good working order when you need it.

Dive Smart

DAN_insurance_largeLastly, if you haven’t done so yet, this is a good time to make sure your Divers Alert Network (DAN) Insurance is active.  DAN Insurance is crucial in the case of a dive related accident.  DAN’s team of doctors are available to answer dive related health questions and DAN provides you with a vital of services in the case of an accident, home or abroad.  DAN offers other valuable services, such as Trip Insurance and Dive Equipment Insurance.  Remember to enroll before you get into the water.

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