Meet The Diver

Meet The Diver: Bob McGill

Not that you wouldn’t figure it out in less than a minute of conversation but Bob is an Aerospace engineer at Northrop Grumman and has been one for 23 years since graduating from City College in New York. Bob moved from California to New York at the age of 6 but as soon as he graduated he moved back to Redondo Beach. Bob has a 20 year old son and 2 teenage daughters.

When asked why he chose DiveVets to dive with Bob responded “My first boat experience was on the Aquatica with my AOW class. My first thought was…. are all boats like this? Wanting to get more diving experience but not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on boats that take all day I started looking for dive clubs that do beach diving. Someone emailed me the DiveVets website and I showed up at OML one Sunday morning and met Dan, Chris A, Al and others. I soon started diving on Wednesday nights and recently I began the mentoring process by taking a newer diver than me on a beach dive. I look forward to Wednesday nights even if we are not diving, the debriefings are a blast.” Bob got started diving for a very special reason. He and his long time gal (Becky) are getting married in Maui in February and in Hawaii, Becky wanted to dive with the dolphins. Not wanting to look like a complete loser, Bob decided he wanted to share the experience with Becky and became certified in June 2005. Becky was already certified. In July 2005 Bob set a goal to get in 50 dives before year-end. After 5 months and several thousands of dollars, Bob completed dive 50 on the December 18th Mr. C trip. I was lucky enough to be Bob’s buddy on this dive at Fraggle Rock, off of Catalina Island.

Big boy with a big bug!

Big boy with a big bug!

Besides diving local spots like Vets & Old Marineland, Bob plans on diving most of the beaches from San Diego to Ventura. Bob has come a long way since he first showed up for his first DiveVets dive. He is now a DiveVets PADI Dive Master and is completing certification for his NAUI TriMix Diver with SoCalTec Divers.

If you get a chance, come introduce yourself to Bob at one of our dives.

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